Friday, October 5, 2007

Where do we live?

So for those of you that were wondering, here are a few photos of our house. First we have a view from our master bedroom balcony, if we strain a little, we can see the water from the Ria (the inlet where the river meets the sea). Directly below is the back yard (not visible) and our covered patio and bar-b-que area.

Then there is the front yard.
And of course the front of the house.

We can't wait until our furniture gets here. Right now it is on a boat from the US. It left our house in Burlington on August 22nd, and is now scheduled to arrive in Lisbon on October 10th. We are hoping to get it on the 12th. A little slower than we expected, and I still won't believe it is coming until the truck pulls up out front. For now we are "camping" with the bare essentials that we air freighted from home: A futon mattress, a box of kitchen supplies, a small table and chairs on loan from our landlord, and of course some of our clothes (though not enough if the weather starts getting cold on us). We also bought some electronics that we couldn't bring with us, a TV, washer and dryer, and dishwasher. Living in our new empty house was kind of fun and exciting at first, but a few weeks into it and the newness has worn off.

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