Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Traveling to the UK: the anti-Portugal

After trying for the last few days e-mailing and calling to make a reservation at a B&B for our upcoming trip in Scotland I am really starting to see why so many Brits end up here (I thought it was just the weather!). The welcoming attitude we experience everywhere we go in Portugal seems completely absent in the UK, especially the minute I mention "we will have a baby with us." We won't even have the two year old since she is going to do an overnight with Grandma. I have been refused because of:

1. They can not have us for liability reasons because the steps are too steep ("but he doesn't walk, or even crawl yet"..."but you will have to carry him up them").

2. They can not allow him in our room for fire code reasons (nice excuse to hide behind, just say what you mean already!)

3. They are worried about him breaking stuff ("though I am sure your baby is lovely, not all are"... I hung up after that).

4. The comfort of the other guests (at least this one was honest).

OK, I don't ever remember being bothered by children being present at places I stayed before I had my own, but I think this takes it a little far when a few of the places I found state largely on their Website "We do not allow children under 14 years of age." Are you serious, you think children can't behave themselves until they are 14? I think that when children are expected to behave badly, it is no wonder they live up to those expectations. I am thankful Amelia probably treats people better than some of these adults I was speaking to on the phone.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Amelia-ism

I need to start writing these down, because they frequently crack me up, but then I can't recall them just a few days later. Maybe it is entering my 34th year, or more likely just lack of sleep, but anyway, this one had me going earlier this week.

We were unpacking groceries and Amelia saw the deli packages and wanted some for a snack, so I handed her a couple of pieces. She started in on her turkey and pipes up through her half-chewed bite"Turkey says gobble, gobble" which in itself always gets me going. Then she looks at me and says "Mommy, do you know what the salami says?" and I nearly lost it.

I'll try to bring you more as I remember.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

And the Winner is?

I know it wasn't me. Could have possibly been Tristan, or the dogs, or the peas. Yes, definitely the peas.