Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Well, we can safely say we remained a family of 3 (plus furry family members, of course) through the end of our 6th year together. A few days late and no signs of our 4th family member yet, but I am sure he will be here before we get too far into year 7. Luckily baby's late arrival meant that Dan and I got to enjoy a wonderful night out by ourselves while my mom watched Amelia. I don't know when that will happen again! We decided to scrap all of the traditional wedding anniversary gifts (year of candy or iron didn't quite do it for us) and celebrated our 6th year with the gift of fish. Mmmm....sushi.

I am so happy to have spent this last year with such a wonderful partner and friend, and I am looking forward to spending the next years with our growing family. I hope you all can be so lucky.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Long My Friend

So one of the things that we decided we needed to do with the impending arrival of baby #2 was get a more family appropriate car. So yesterday was the day that my adorable little Mini got traded in for a station wagon. With plenty of room for strollers, dogs, car seats, and who knows what else, my Laguna is very practical, but lacks some, or I should say, all, of the pizazz that the Mini had. Ah well, I had my fun, and Dan says we can talk about getting me another one when the kids are in college.
For those of you eagerly awaiting a more interesting post with upcoming baby news, well, so are we. With my due date only a few days away, we think we are just about ready for the little guy to arrive. Though I have a few projects for work I need to finish up, and packing my hospital bag has been on the to do list for a while now. Dan made me promise I would do it today, so I guess I am off to do that. When he does arrive, you'll be the first to know (well, one of the first anyway).

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This time I didn't do it!

Sunday night I was putting Amelia to bed while Dan was walking the dogs, when from downstairs I hear "We have a problem." At first I was worried one of the dogs was sick or something had happened to one on the walk, and then Dan appears in Amelia's room with this little bundle of fur tucked under his chin. "What do we do with it?" he asked. To make a long story short, he looked for a mother, put the kitten in the area he saw another cat, the cat ran away, the kitten ran up a tree, got stuck, and when we checked on her later she was still there, so we eventually got her down with a ladder and Biju's scratching post for her to climb onto, though not before Dan broke a branch and scratched himself up trying to climb the tree. She spent the night in our bathroom and in the morning her eyes were nearly sealed shut with pus, but after a deworming, defleaing, and a couple of days on antibiotics she is much better. And once again we find ourselves trying to find a good home for a deserving stray. She is quite sweet and purrs a lot, and so far is very tolerant of Amelia's overly loving tendancies.