Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank You Binky Fairy!

So perhaps writing that last sentence of that last post gave us the push we needed, but shortly thereafter the binky became a thing of the past. We had already told Amelia that when she was ready to give up the pacifier the binky fairy would come and take all of her binkys to give to new babies and would leave Amelia a present in return. She was excited about the idea, so we made a special little box to give them away in and for months she would wake up and say she was ready to give the binkys to the binky fairy, but every evening she would declare "I'm not ready!" and then pop it back in her mouth, and it was often a struggle to enforce the binky only when hurt or sleeping rule.

Then, one evening when Dan was away for business for a few days, Amelia was lying in my bed with me. We had just finished reading and getting ready for bed, and she wanted to sleep in my bed since Dadda was gone. Tristan had just settled down in his crib nearby, and I was likewise ready for sleep when I heard "Mommmmy, biiiiiinky!" in a rather unpleasant whine. So out of exhaustion I replied "If you want to stay in Mommy's bed, then you have to sleep without a binky tonight. If you want me to go get the binky, then you will sleep in your bed." I'll admit it was taking a risk pitting her love for me up against that piece of plastic, but it paid off, since she decided to stay. The next morning I put out two new wrapped puzzles on the coffee table before she got up, and I told her the binky fairy had brought them since she slept without the binky for one night, and there would be more when she decided to give them away. The second night, the was the same. No binky if she wanted to sleep in my bed, and another puzzle when she got up. The morning after the third night I had no more stash of presents, so I was going to tell her the binky fairy was saving the rest for when she gave them up for good. Then the doorbell rang and I went out to pick up the package that arrived...

When I came back in, a bleary eyed Amelia was shuffling down the stairs and rubbing her eyes she looked at me sleepily and said "Mommy, was that the binky fairy?"

I looked down at the box I was holding in my hands, knowing full well it contained a supply of dress-up clothes for Amelia I had ordered, and then back out the window at the departing delivery guy. "Why yes, it was the binky fairy," I declared.

"Do you have to give her all of my binkys?"

I seized my opportunity. "Well, if you are ready to give them to the new babies, and if you want to see what is in this present, then yes, I have to give her all of the binkys."

"Mommy, I'm ready now."

I grabbed our binky box and ran out the door and threw them into the glove compartment of my car (just in case), then ran back in. Amelia was so excited about all of the dress up clothes, and didn't asked for her binky once that day. The next day was the big test. She fell in the driveway and started crying for her binky. After I reminded her we gave them away, she was OK with that. We saw other babies with pacifiers and that was OK too. Then Dadda came home and she slept in her own bed without it (well, for most of the night). I guess she really was ready. I know I was.

Here are a few photos of our doctor, fairy, bride and her brother enjoying their gifts.