Monday, October 15, 2007

Sol e Praia - Sun and Beach

The days are getting noticeably shorter and a little cooler and the beach is getting more and more deserted. Though 70s and sunny still seems perfectly acceptable to these Vermonters. Even though it can get pretty windy, we picked up one of these windscreen thing-a-ma-jigs and it works pretty well. Most people seem to have them, so on a crowded day the beach gets very colorful.

In the warm days of September we managed to make it to the beach a few weekend days for some much needed relaxation to balance out the high work load and stress. In October, we've even managed to go running on the beach a few times so far. It is amazing how a little sand can make you feel exceptionally out of shape (I think we only made it 15 minutes the first time, and 20 the next couple, at least we improved!) The beaches here are long and wide.

The water is cold and rough. Surfing seems to be popular on the beach, and on the Ria (the calmer inlet), people kitesurf and windsurf. We haven't decided which watersport to take up yet, but have been advised to wait until Spring to start, as the waters are a little warmer and calmer, along with the longer daylight hours.

We have also seen several people doing this paragliding thing. Not sure what it is called, they have a parachute with a little motor on the back. Looks like you could get some good views from up there, though we imagine these things use a bit of gas. Here is a photo of one getting close to the ground.

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