Saturday, September 27, 2008


One thing we’re pretty sure of is Amelia is going to be a traveler. And for now if she wants to keep up with Mom and Dad she’s going to need a passport. So in her third week of life it was off to the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon, about 2.5 hours south. In fact, this trip was necessary to register her with the U.S. government and get a U.S. birth certificate and social security number (and a passport). Unfortunately for her, she was quickly introduced to the law that passport and drivers license photos are not allowed to be flattering. Of course, having to have her head held up by Mom for the photo didn’t help.

Thankfully, she’s a good traveler so far, meaning she likes to sleep in the car. As long as the car is moving, preferably over bumpy roads. Our challenge came in finding the embassy which, to our utter amazement, does not announce itself with American flags but rather with two men carrying uzis. Welcome to the United States, dearest daughter!

After having to park a kilometer away (no cars allowed), and then having to carry her and her things another half-kilometer (the building is geniously set way back from the street), and then finally managing to push open the 4”-thick steel doors, we were able to submit her applications and announce her existence to our beloved home country.

On a positive note, this was our first encounter with American bureaucracy in some time. And what a difference! We had an appointment at 2:00 and met with the consulate at precisely 2:00. We were in and out of there in 15 minutes. We love Portugal, but there are some things that the Americans do far better. For all of you who complain about waiting at the DMV or to see the dentist, come live in Europe for a while. It will change your perspective.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Welcome Amelia Maren Moffroid

Our little Amelia arrived on Sunday, September 7 at 6:07 pm. For those of you keeping stats at home, she weighed in at 3.38 kg and was 50.5 cm long. In American terms she weighed 7 lbs 7 oz, and was 19.9 inches long. Her middle name is a combination of her grandmother's names, Mary and Karen.

While Dan and I did not know what to expect of ourselves as new parents, we were very happy to find out that it is true what they say, as soon as you see your own little one, it is love at first sight. We have lots to learn, but so far have really enjoyed the first week of getting to know our new daughter.

We will try to post more pictures between the 2am feedings, the diaper changings, and the general feeling of awe we have right now, and of course after we take the dogs out for a walk, since they haven't been forgotten and are also intrigued by the new addition to the family.
To see a few more pictures, click here.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Now We Wait...

So the nursery is all ready, the hospital bag is all packed, and the official due date is tomorrow. I had hoped she would take after her father and be here right on time, but looks like she may be taking after me and procrastinating for a little while longer before she comes out to join us. Right now Dan and I both feel like we are in a holding pattern, just sort of waiting for her to arrive. I still have a few things I can do for work to keep me busy, and Dan is of course working until something happens. We have spent the last week or two assembling some nursery furniture and decorating and organizing everything. So here are a few pictures of our little girl's new home once she makes the decision to come see the world.