Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Final Farewell to Portugal

Well, we did it. Our last few weeks in Portugal were filled with good-byes and tying up loose ends,

Playing Tourist in Aveiro one Last Time

with making costumes for carnival,

Our little Horse goes to School

 with dinner parties, 

Our Last Dinner Party at our House
Tristan Entertains the Guests

 and fresh oysters from the Ria delivered to our house by Deolinda, which were consumed amidst the boxes. 

Oysters...Gourmet Fare!
There is Life Among the Boxes!
 Our final day the kids and I spent with our good friend Teresa, had one last Gymboree class, returned to our empty house, packed our huge van, 
Packed and Ready to Go!

 got some sleep,

A few extra Minutes of Sleep

then we woke up and drove away. 

The airport seemed like a marathon all on its own, assembling crates, taking the dogs for a last bathroom break, going back and forth between the oversize baggage and the counter. Checking in 5 bags, 4 animals, 4 people, and consolidating carry-ons. Dan left Tristan with security to sprint to the gate next door when he heard them call our names on the final boarding, while I waited on the other side with a screaming Amelia who they wouldn't let me carry through (she won that battle with them). It was exhausting, but we made it through it and the following 16 hours of travel.

Thank you all for sharing with us our life in Portugal, and now that our adventures here have come to a close, please join us now on our new blog: