Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Update

So I know it has been awhile without any real news, but things here are going well. Spring has brought us some nice weather and lots of time outside. We've had our first visits to the beach for the year, set up the baby pool in the backyard, and spent a lot of time in the sandbox.

Now that Tristan can sit up he enjoys sitting in place and playing with various toys in his vicinity while occasionally laughing at his sister. When we place toys at a distance he can eventually get to them, but his crawling still leaves some coordination to be desired. All a work in progress. At this point in time he's about 3 months behind Amelia, who literally couldn't be held down. Tristan is still generally content to look around and enjoy his surroundings, and of course all of the activity of watching his sister. He also now got 4 teeth, working on 5, and is enjoying some of the new foods we are presenting him with (and others are of course flat out rejected).

The month of May will hopefully bring more sunshine and chances to explore the outdoors together. It will also bring a family vacation to Scotland to join Karen, Kevin, Liam and Julie. Amelia got the travel bug a little early in life and is now crossing days off the calendar until it is time to "get on airplane, with people and suitcases, and play blocks with Grandma!" That will be our next adventure to share with you.

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