Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tristan's New Tricks

So the last two weeks have been quite busy for Tristan. He progressed from moving by slithering on his belly and pulling himself along with his arms while flailing his legs wildly behind him, so a full fledged crawl. In addition, he started pulling himself up on whatever he was able to crawl over to (the coffee table, our legs, a dog, etc.). So now he is truly able to explore the world and whatever he sets his sights on, which unfortunately so far seems to be the dogs' water bowl, the toilet brush, and anything that looks interesting to put in his mouth. He also seems to have developed a sixth sense, in that he is always able to anticipate the toy Amelia might want to play with next, and the instant he touches it she wants it. Amazing isn't it?

He figured out clapping just this last week or so as well, and he thinks it is really neat that he can start clapping at the dinner table and all of a sudden Amelia, Dan, and I are clapping along with him. He stops and starts and watches us follow along. Feel the power little man.

On the tooth front he went in a matter of days from four to six, with seven and eight on the cusp. I don't think he actually uses words yet, but I do wonder, since I hear a lot of ma ma ma ma when I come in the room, and he was giving us a lot of ba ba ba ba while playing with balls at Gymboree this week. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to decipher a definitive word.

We are off to Scotland tomorrow, Amelia is super excited to go on an airplane and see Grandma. Dan and I are super excited to have a live-in babysitter for a week! I'll get some new photos up of Tristan's new tricks and our travels when we return. Até !

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