Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feeling Adventurous? Come over for Dinner.

So one week in April, Dan ended up having to go out to dinner a few nights with various visitors from work, it happened that one of those nights I tried something new in the kitchen. After coming home and seeing the pictures he told me he was glad he happened to be gone, but Amelia and I had fun, and they were pretty good!
That day our Senhora do Peixe came by and started our adventure. Definitely one of the perks of living here, having fresh fish show up in a truck at your door and you can choose what you want to cook for dinner. Though occasionally it gets chosen for you. As in this instance, when I chose some fish and then she decided to also give us some samples "for Amelia" along with instructions about how to cook them. So here are some photos of our "Pescadinhas de Rabo na Boca," which translates roughly into little fish with tail in mouth. Enjoy!

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