Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Minds at Work

Amelia has a couple of books where the main characters have a birthday, so lately she has been making cakes and then asking me to sing "Happy Birthday" (and the Portuguese equivalent). Yesterday she built a beautiful block cake and asked me to sing, and I obliged with rounds of "ParabĂ©ns a VocĂȘ" and "Happy Birthday to Amelia."

When I was finished she said, "Now three for Mommy."

Having absolutely no idea what that meant, I questioned her: "Three what for Mommy? Three pieces of cake for me? Do you want me to sing Happy Birthday for Mommy?"

"Yes, three for Mommy."

Still confused I gave it a go and let out a weak "Happy Birthday to You" and was promptly interrupted.

"No, three."

"Three what, I don't understand?"

It went on like this for a while, until I finally got it, and correctly sang:

"Happy Birthday Three You,
Happy Birthday Three You,
Happy Birthday Dear Mommy,
Happy Birthday Three You."

Because as Amelia astutely observed, this is the proper encore after a round of "Happy Birthday Two You!"

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