Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Long My Friend

So one of the things that we decided we needed to do with the impending arrival of baby #2 was get a more family appropriate car. So yesterday was the day that my adorable little Mini got traded in for a station wagon. With plenty of room for strollers, dogs, car seats, and who knows what else, my Laguna is very practical, but lacks some, or I should say, all, of the pizazz that the Mini had. Ah well, I had my fun, and Dan says we can talk about getting me another one when the kids are in college.
For those of you eagerly awaiting a more interesting post with upcoming baby news, well, so are we. With my due date only a few days away, we think we are just about ready for the little guy to arrive. Though I have a few projects for work I need to finish up, and packing my hospital bag has been on the to do list for a while now. Dan made me promise I would do it today, so I guess I am off to do that. When he does arrive, you'll be the first to know (well, one of the first anyway).

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