Monday, August 29, 2011

Bonus Turkey Footage - Tristan's Log

While you eagerly await the final installment of our trip report to Turkey, here is a little something to keep you interested. Since Tristan didn't seem quite as excited about everything as we were, and since his need for sleep is considerably higher than ours, we spent much of our trip trying to get him to sleep so we could do other things and he would remain a happy camper. So he basically turned our vacation into his own personal Dr. Seuss book of napping. Here is a photo journal of his trip:
Would you, could you on a boat?
Could you, would you with a goat?
Naps on planes, on cars, or in a cave,
And when I sleep through meals I don't misbehave.
On Mommy's back or Dadda's knee,
Try a hammock under a tree.
On the Palace lawn you say?
I could nap there everyday.
Yes, I can nap here OR there,
Say, I can nap ANYWHERE!

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