Saturday, September 25, 2010

School Days

Amelia started preschool this month, and while Tristan and I attending as often as she did the first few weeks, she soon became more comfortable with the teachers and kids, and now she is running in without a second glance back at me. Though she does make me solemnly swear each time before I drop her off that "Mommy come back." Currently I think it is a bit confusing for her because she can not understand a lot of what is being said, and while the teachers do use a little english for her now and then, again I don't think it will be long before that is no longer an issue. She is only going two days a week, but each time I pick her up the teacher tells me she is repeating a lot of Portuguese words and using some on her own. Apparently last week one of the more talkative girls in her class was overheard telling Amelia "não 'kids', meninos," so she has some help from her friends as well! Even with the language barrier, she loves going, and gets very excited when I tell her it is a school day, let's hope that love of learning continues for many years.

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