Saturday, June 6, 2009


As if we didn't have enough on our hands doing damage control for Amelia, last week we added a new destructive force into our household. His name is Biju, and he is a 7 week old kitten that we adopted from a local group that rescues abandoned dogs and cats and helps spay and neuter street cats. He is already fitting into the family well, and has started to accept Tazzy's incessant attempts at friendship and play, and Amelia's rough love. He loves Amelia's toys, and so far is a very affectionate little fellow who enjoys a good lap to sleep on after the play is done. Watch for more from him in the upcoming months!

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pierre said...

Madeira looks beautiful! glad you had a good trip there. Colette is catching up and doing the same crawling that is shown in Amelia's video. So, does Biju mean something? Bijou in French means a small bauble. Is it the same in Port? but phonetically spelled. We talked to Papy yesterday, and he is doing fine, and had a very good B'day with Lionel,Renaud,and Catherine