Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where, Oh Where, has January Gone?

Time flies when you have a little one (well, on a large scale it does, though day to day, not necessarily). It seems that January is almost over and we haven't posted anything since Christmas. It has been a busy month for Amelia. We went out for dinner on New Year's eve and brought in the New Year in the center of Aveiro with big crowds, champagne popping, a big fireworks show, and Amelia awake and wide-eyed taking it all in. A few days later she rolled herself over for the first time, with a mixture of delight and surprise, and now she pretty much flips over onto her tummy every time I set her down on her back. She has gone the other way a few times, but doesn't quite have the mechanics of it down yet. She has also really discovered her hands and will grab anything and everything within reach. This is usually a fistful of my hair with each hand, though it has also included her various toys, cans off the grocery store aisle, pots, pans, and things from the kitchen, dirty diapers as I am trying to remove them, dog ears, cell phones, etc. Hmmm...just wait until she is mobile and can do this! Now her daddy has gone off and left us again for a week, but Grandma Karen is here for an extended visit. Amelia is so excited about the latter that she can hardly sleep (literally), but we are hoping she will get used to the new faces soon. She is a very social girl and doesn't want to miss any of the action.

Click here for some recent pictures of her.

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dominique eichi said...

Hi Katrin, Dan & Amelia,
Amelia looks wonderful. How does it feel to be parents ?
Tiffany has pictures posted on facebook of the Colorado trip 2009 to surprise Bernard. We even skied.
I miss you guys. BTW there is an add-on you can put on your blog that can enable others to subscribe to your blog and be notified via e-mail of a new post you make or add a follow this blog . Check it out on mine.
love you 3 xoxo