Monday, September 1, 2008

Now We Wait...

So the nursery is all ready, the hospital bag is all packed, and the official due date is tomorrow. I had hoped she would take after her father and be here right on time, but looks like she may be taking after me and procrastinating for a little while longer before she comes out to join us. Right now Dan and I both feel like we are in a holding pattern, just sort of waiting for her to arrive. I still have a few things I can do for work to keep me busy, and Dan is of course working until something happens. We have spent the last week or two assembling some nursery furniture and decorating and organizing everything. So here are a few pictures of our little girl's new home once she makes the decision to come see the world.

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Chip and Anne said...

Hi Roomate! and/or here! know that i'm keeping tabs on you and your upcoming baby!!! i'm so excited for you two! can you email me your address if you have a moment? i have a little something that i'd love to send your way that i found very helpful with our little one! love you hon!
and/or (