Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not much to Report

Hello again. It seems that we haven’t given you all an update in a little bit, but that’s mostly because there’s not too much to report. In many ways I think that’s a good thing. When we first got here everything was new and exciting, and as the time has passed by (7+ months now) we’ve established a life here. The last few weekends we’ve stayed in Aveiro, but always with some social plans with friends. Dinner out, dinner in, the bar scene, etc. Actually the bar scene is kind of fun here, although a bit late for us. It’s very low key and in nice weather (last weekend was summerlike) people just gather outside near the bars and hang out. They don’t drink much alcohol in this culture, so mostly people just kind of sip on a beer and chat for a few hours. So lately it seems we’ve become social, although we’ll be sure to not get too used to it since having a baby in September will surely change all that.

In other news, Tuga went in for his second surgery this past week. This one was to fix his leg as we were waiting on it until all his internal injuries were healed. So now he has another large shaved patch, another big scar, and we hope that this will get him back to being able to be a normal cat once he recovers from this one.

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