Monday, November 19, 2007

Catching up

Sorry I haven't been very good about filling you in lately, we we're in Aruba for a week for Al and Gita's wedding, which was a beautiful beach ceremony and a very special place for the reception, and for us it was great to get away and have nothing to do but relax for a few days. Once we returned we were very busy unpacking our container, installing light fixtures, making endless to-do lists and shopping for the "finishing" touches on our home. This past weekend we purchased a bedroom set for the guest room (since we didn't actually have a guest room before, rather an office/exercise room/guest room with a pull out futon couch), which was the final room to put together, so hopefully I will have more time to update you from now on. We still have to hang pictures on the wall...and then we will post pictures of the interior.

As Dan mentioned, the big house warming bash is this weekend, so having not been to a Portuguese party yet, we are just going to do what we would at home, and hope it flies here. Our landlord told us a story of the German who rented the house before us inviting them all over for 5 o'clock tea when he first arrived, and since no one here does that, they did not know what he was talking about, and no one showed up. We are hoping for a slightly better result, especially with the grocery list I am developing.

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Rebecca said...

Katrin & dan,

It's great to see that things are starting to really feel like they fit. Good luck and keep the posts coming!